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Item No.:V188/23mm
Item Name:23mm Modern Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Camera System with 20-40m(66-130ft) Cable
One type of new pipe insepction camera with compact, professional and unique design,including distance meter counter and keyboard feature, even optional self-leveling and 512Hz strong function.
New 23mm Video Drain Pipe Inspection Camera with 20m/66ft-40m/130ft cable V188

Please download the manual of this model by clicking the keywords"Vvsafety V188 manual"

This is a professional video inspection camera designed for inspection of sewer, pipe,air ducts, underground cable pipes etc.Equipped with a 23mm Sony CCD camera head, 20-40m fiberglass cable and 7''LCD monitor with SD card recording.

Main Features: 

- Built-in meter counter and self-leveling function
- Unique, professional and compact design
- Cable reel is out of the box, easy to clean and won't cause dirty inside the box.
- Easy to carry, convenient transportation.
- Comes with a smart braking system.
- The keyboard is very easy to operate, like a laptop.
- All-in-one Video pipe inspection camera with 20/30/40m figerglass cable and 7'' LCD monitor with DVR function

Optional Features: 

- Camera head with built-in 512Hz sonde
- With self-leveling feature (same tiny size)
- Long spring camera head for better adaptability while passing through 90 degree bends
- 38mm camera head for using in larger pipes.


- For inspecting pipeline, Drain, Sewer, Duct, Chimneys, Machinery and Building et.
- For maintenance of Plumbing and wiring behind walls.

Packing Details:

- 1 x 23mm Camera head
- 1 x 20/30/40 cable wheel
- 1 x battery pack
- 1 x remote control
- 1 x screw driver
- 1 x power adapter
- 1 x car charger
- 1 x waterproof suit case with monitor mounted

Packing Measure:

- Each unit in a professional tool case
- 1 unit in one carton
- Carton G.W: 11-16Kg (slight different for 20m, 30m and 40m unit)
- Carton Measurement: 55 x 44 x 35cm

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